Pet Area

Flooring and Walls

  • Material: Concrete, Tile
  • Common Problems: Accumulation of debris and pet odor
  • How to Clean: Remove and discard any loose debris. Wash regularly with our Pet Area Cleaner. Spray flooring and walls with Pet Area Cleaner then wash down thoroughly with hot water. Allow to dry completely, before reintroducing pet. 

Upholstered Area

  • Material: Fabric
  • Common Problems: Accumulation of debris and pet odor
  • How to Clean: Lint rollers are a must-get if you’re a pet owner! This is because lint rollers can pick up hair from virtually any surface. Yes, while it’s still important to have a vacuum cleaner on-hand and ready for general maintenance, a lint roller is an affordable and quick way to pick up the fur for those spur-of-the-moment cleaning times. Remove any removable upholstery and wash in washing machine regularly. Spray with Pet Odor Neutralizer as needed. 

Pet Collars& Toys

  • How to Clean: We can be easy to forget about cleaning your pets’ collars and toys, but this is a vital step. Collars, for instance, tend to get smelly pretty fast. You can put collars and toys in the dishwasher – this is a fast and easy way to clean most pet-related items. But, for a more effective and deeper clean, we recommend putting dog shampoo into a bowl with hot water and then letting any collars and toys soak for at least thirty minutes. Once you’re done, rinse everything with cold water and let the items dry. Deep-cleaning your pet toys and collars will help both your home and your pet stay clean and smell fresh.