Let's make bedroom cleaning a breeze with some quick tips!


  • Material: Fabric, Vinyl, & Wood
  • Common Problems: Dust and Dirt
  • How to Clean: Hand-dust weekly to remove dust and dirt.
  • We recommend cleaning your blinds 2 times a year.Vinyl and wooden blinds can be sprayed with Dusting Spray and then wiped down with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth or our washable wipes.
  • Tip: Dust regularly to reduce mite allergens.


Curtains/ Fabric Headboards/ Upholstery

  • Material: Fabric
  • Common Problems: Dust and Dirt
  • How to Clean: Vacuum weekly to remove excess dust and dirt; steaming will reduce allergens.
  • Tip: If you can remove the curtains, we recommend washing by fabric type  2-4 times a year, or as you see dirt and buildup. Spot treat headboards or upholstery with all natural stain stick. 


  • Material: Linoleum, Tile, Terrazzo, Vinyl, & Wood
  • Common Problems: General Cleaning, Dust and Dirt, Hair and Pet Fur
  • How to Clean: Vacuum weekly to remove excess dust, dirt, hair and fur. Mix All-Purpose Cleaner with hot water and mop, or spray onto flooring then mop with hot water.
  •  Tip: Acidic liquids can damage on contact; avoid using ammonia and harsh toxic cleaners. Excess water left behind will damage/separate flooring.

Mirrors & Windows

  • Material: Glass
  • Common Problems: Streaking and Fingerprints
  • How to Clean: To remove fingerprints and streaking spray the surface with Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner and wipe using a lint-free cloth or our washable wipes.
  • Tip: Some glass cleaners contain wax which leaves a residue behind. Until the wax is removed, it will constantly smear.


  •  To keep clothes Moths away place bundles of vetiver in your clothing drawers and hang onto hangers.