Bathrooms can take the most time to clean. Here's a guide to cleaning your bathroom and making the task a breeze!


  • Material: Porcelain
  • Common Problems: Hard-water stains, Mildew and Soap Scum, Cleaning Drains.
  • How to Clean: Remove and discard any loose debris. Wash regularly with our Bathroom Cleaner  and hot water; then rinse and wipe dry with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth or our washable wipes.
  • Tip: Dry after to avoid water marks.

Faucets and Fixtures


  • Material: Linoleum, Tile, Terrazzo, Vinyl
  • Common Problems: Vacuum weekly to remove excess dust, dirt, hair and fur.
  • How to Clean: Mix 4 tablespoons of All-Purpose Cleaner with hot water and mop or spray flooring with All-Purpose Cleaner and then mop with hot water.
  • Tip: Acidic liquids can damage on contact, avoid using ammonia and harsh toxic cleaners. Excess water left behind will damage/separate flooring.

Mirrors and Shower Enclosures

  • Material: Glass
  • Common Problems: Fingerprints and streaking
  • How to Clean: To remove fingerprints and streaking spray the surface with Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner and wipe using a lint-free cloth..
  • Tip: Some glass cleaners contain wax which leaves a residue behind. Until the wax is removed, it will constantly smear.

Bath Tubs & Showers

  • Material: Acrylic, Fiberglass, Granite, Marble
  • Common Problems:  Hard-water Stains, Mildew and Soap Scum, Cleaning Drains.
  • How to Clean:Clean weekly to avoid staining, soap scum and lime scale buildup. Spray tup or shower with Bathroom Cleaner, let sit and rinse with hot water. Use the scrub brush to clean. Rinse well.
  • Tip: Excess cleaner will leave areas very slippery, rinse thoroughly. Steel wool brushes and pads can be damaging. Avoid using ammonia and harsh toxic cleaners.