Tony Molina of the Arete Life Lab

Tony is utterly consumed with finding the rate limiting step to human function. In his quest to find the keys to longevity, he has developed a process of assessing one’s current state and prescribing a detailed plan for Longevity Programming, Social Self Care and Human Optimization. Tony considers the Arête Lifelab “Adaptive Medicine” and believes all humans will eventually transition into a self-management health care system in place of managed care reinstating their ancestral connection with biology and the environment. 🌿For over three decades he has fostered an environment where people reclaim “Experiencing their Experience” and his methodology involves not so much seeing what no one has yet seen; but thinking what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.
Tony is part scientist, part guide and an endless resource.
Several current theories create the backdrop for Tony’s Arête Lifelab’s:
1. Longevity Programming
2. Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence
3. Human Biologic Imperative within the Polyvagal Theory
4. Biology of Belief
5. Bioelectric Code and the Art of Radiesthesia
6. Iatrogenic Illness
7. The Subconscious Mind
8. Human Protection Systems Optimization (HPA Axis and the Immune System)
9. Aging itself
10. Hypoxia, Temperature, Hunger
11. Dissolution
The goal of the human journey is to reunite us with ourselves.

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